Environmental Policy

The Environment

It is our declared policy to carry out all reasonable practical measures to minimise the impact of our local business on the environment. The aims will be wherever possible:

- Reduce the amount of waste produced.
- Maximise the amount of recycling.
- Reduce the consumption of raw materials, fuel and water.
- Minimise the level of noise pollution from our business.
- To comply with all Environmental legislations.

On a Daily Basis

All staff and customers are encouraged in continuing to help the environment including:

- Recycling of glass, paper, waste cooking oil, printer cartridges.
- Provide newspapers on request to avoid wastage.
- Bedroom TV’s switched off (not on Standby).
- Switch off lights whenever rooms are not in use.
- Light bulbs replaced with energy-saving bulbs.
- Reuse towels as requested by guests.
- Bulk purchase of chemicals to reduce packaging.
- Use of water saving devices across the hotel.
- Use of PIR on lighting in Public Toilets & Back of house areas.
- Installation of time delay light switches in guest bedrooms.
- High efficiency condensing boilers recently fitted at the hotel.

We constantly monitor our waste management for improvements.

Best Western Aberavon Beach Hotel is an equal opportunities employer and support staff training and development programs leading to nationally recognized qualifications.

We are working with Green Tourism for our Green Credentials.

The Swansea Bay Tourism Awards in 2010 – The hotel was awarded a High Commendation for “Best Sustainable Tourism Business”.