The Welsh Connection

Welsh Food

It's a badly kept secret that Wales offers some of the best meat, fish and produce in the UK. Fresh and local are two words you will often hear to describe the food available today. Meat raised on Welsh grassland, delicious salt marsh lamb, fresh fish from the coast and vegetables that have only travelled a few miles to the table.

Welsh Countryside
Local Ingrediants

Local Ingrediants

We're also pretty good at cooking. Having great produce helps, but it takes our chefs to provide you with the best of innovative cooking using quality local ingredients. The nearby coast is a great source of seafood, and well-known for the quality of its fresh fish as well.

Local Favourites

And, if you want to try local favourites, you may want to try laverbread, not actually bread at all, but a seaweed - delicious when it is fried into patties for breakfast with eggs, bacon and fresh cockles.

Welsh Cake

Afternoon Treats

Or if you prefer your treats in the afternoon, why not try a slice of Bara Brith - a wonderful, sticky fruitcake covered in butter - or a Welsh cake - a type of sweet scone, cooked on a stove-top griddle.