Middleton The National Botanic Garden Of Wales


The National Botanic Garden Of Wales is set in an outstanding location in 568 acres of 18th century parkland in the heart of South West Wales' beautiful Tywi Valley. Experience a unique fusion of modern and historical architecture located within an innovative garden setting.

The Great Glasshouse

The centrepiece is the Great Glasshouse, the world's largest bioverse single span glasshouse. It is home to some of the most endangered Mediterranean habitats in the world, spanning Australia, North and South America and Europe. As you wander from area to area within the glasshouse, exotic fragrances from colourful flowers perfume the air, while the sound of water cascading into a deep ravine creates a peaceful backdrop.

Double Walled garden

Visit Middleton's Doubled Walled Garden, enjoy various exhibitions and follow the Middleton Trails which include the Heritage Trail, the Plant Hunter Trail and the Plants For Health Trail.

Programme of events

The gardens run programmes and events all year on plants and all aspects of conservation and bio-diversity. There are special gardens for children and facilities for all types of visitor.

Find Middleton on-line

Their website carries lots more information about everything you can find at Middleton.

Visit www.gardenofwales.org.uk for full details.
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